Alan Joel Miller’s Business Ventures Bookended by Charitable Giving, Fair Trade Assurances

alan joel miller

Fabric and linens provide comfort in life. The clothes we wear, sheets we make our beds with and towels that find varied uses throughout our homes are essential. For these reasons and more, Alan Joel Miller took great pride in his daily work at Artisan Fabrics. The firm, which provided top-shelf unique linens and fabrics, also abided by strict guidelines that made it a Fair Trade organization. All this was done under the thoughtful guidance of Alan Joel Miller, who was the brands’ executive director from March 2004 to 2016. During those 12 years, Mr. Miller ensured that his company lived up to its slogan: “Comfort and Quality for All.”

Artisan Fabrics took great care when it came to sourcing both materials used for its linens and fabrics. There are many ethical concerns in this industry so being able to ensure that all materials have been made humanely was a feather in the cap of Artisan Fabrics. This effort to ensure fairness also fits well within the company’s promise to deliver a quality product to every client regardless of their socioeconomic status. Alan Joel Miller made this a primary objective during his tenure as executive director and it’s one of the primary traits that the company was known for. Compassion for those within the Artisan Fabrics circle extended to employees, who were guaranteed a safe working environment every single day they reported to work. What’s more, the promise of fair wages made Artisan Fabrics a desirable place to work in the local community.

These efforts made Alan Joel Miller a respected individual to work alongside and someone who was appreciated by the community at large. Scott Brown, vice president of operations at Artisan Fabrics, described Mr. Miller as a “great leader in the community” and someone who “has done a phenomenal job as the Executive Director of Artisan Fabrics. Alan Joel Miller is actively involved in community functions across the entire county and is a familiar in all areas of production.” Brown has known Alan Joel Miller since 1998 so he’s clearly speaking from first-hand experience when he says Miller “always remembers people on a first name basis and has a very genuine demeanor to him. I can say with certainty that as a friend and a business partner. I am very glad to have Alan Joel leading the company.”

Happy to share in his success, Alan Joel Miller has also made numerous charitable contributions to efforts that mirror his own rise to the top. Miller has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars through various networking and fundraiser events that went directly to up-and-coming entrepreneurs within the fabric industry. Additional funds were delivered to recent college graduates who were looking to start their own business and needed assistance as they navigated the procedural “red tape” that all local business owners are familiar with.